KM International Lineal Asphalt Recycler

The KM Lineal Recycler is an infrared asphalt heater that is a perfect fit for cold seem repair. This tool is what gets pavers paid on time. Ideal for the many municipalities that are currently requiring the cold seem in paving projects to be welded. Custom sizes up to 3 ft. x 32 ft.

KM International KM8000 4-Ton Skid Mounted Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer

The KM International KM8000 4-Ton Skid Mounted Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer is designed to fi­t on the back of a flatbed truck or trailer. Thermostatically controlled heat allows minimum fuel consumption, while keeping asphalt at working temperature for up to 3 days. Able to reclaim virgin asphalt material which can be ready for use within 8 to 10 hours.

KM International All-In-One Asphalt Crack Maintenance Trailer

KM International’s All-In-One Asphalt Crack Maintenance Trailer is perfect for anyone looking to start their own business or anyone looking to expand on their current business. This trailer is specifically designed to accommodate the Crack Jet II, Km 55 Melter, MA 10 applicator, and is equipped with a utility storage area to store crack fill material and hand tools.  Side ramp for easy on and off loading of the equipment. 

KM International MA 10 Sealcoat Application Kettle

The KM International MA 10 Sealcoat Application Kettle is an asphalt crack repair machine that comes in 10 gallon capacity and is designed for residential or commercial parking lot crack sealing. This melting kettle works both on hot or cold pour materials. This application kettle comes complete with a hose regulator, temperature gauge, and propane bottle platform.

KM International KM55 Sealcoat Melting Kettle

The KM International KM 55 is a sealcoat melting kettle. Its 50,000 BTU propane burner is thermostatically controlled optimizing fuel efficiency and temperature accuracy. This sealcoat melting kettle consumes half the propane of direct fire kettles due to the air-jacketed principle.

KM International Crack Jet II

Simple and lightweight, KM International’s Crack Jet II is the premium asphalt crack preparation tool on the market. It has an output of 2,800 degree at 90 CFM to clean and dry cracks in asphalt for immediate repair. Designed to walk behind or tow.

KM International KM T2 Asphalt Recycler

The KM International Asphalt Recycler will produce a quality batch of asphalt (2,600 lbs. every 20 minutes) from recycled pulverized asphalt, millings, or saw-cut materials to produce a patching material that will meet Department of Transportation asphalt speci­fications and standards.